Deflationary Coin Market Cap

Flamehyre Token (FHT)

1% burn on every transfer

This is the explosive matter, in as much as the destructive nature of FlameHyre Token creates scarcity which in return result to direct increase to it's value, a freelancing platform is wrapped to this experiment which makes it more of a utility currency as it could be used on FlameHyre Platform as reward for freelancing services.

Still on the bid to present something unique and acceptable to the society, the Power Thesaurus behind FlameHyre Project collectively agreed to attach a freelancing platform into a diminishing currency as this seems to make FlameHyre very unique and different from BOMB (which is our Case Study) and unlike our rivals who are backed with less or no utility program(s) which could contribute to the sustainability of their platforms .

FHT has a solid blockchain profile as it is deployed on ethereum network which makes it's transactions fast, convinient and secure, it is as well verified on etherscan with a :white_check_mark: mark and an exact match code. This is confirmable on

One International Freelancing platform that connects online freelancing services seekers with online freelancing services providers around the globe. Pay for any service with our token (FHT) and be entitled to an overwhelming discount.

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